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Face Clothing UK's Joe takes Copenhagen

Over the years I’ve built up a bit of a list of European cities I want to see before I die and the Danish capital has been on there for a while, and also as me and my dad started a bit of a trend to take a short city break each summer it made sense to combine the two and head out to Denmark.

The overall vibe I got from the city was one of mutual respect. The city itself is spotless and a general pride for the place is definitely felt by the locals. People are always looking to ask how you are and how your stay was going.

The city has a synergistic feel to it with most people choosing to walk or cycle around. The amount this reduced the congestion and traffic felt strange, it almost seemed like the city was empty from the lack of cars on the roads and the way that all forms of transport shared the road space respectively was something I had definitely not seen before (not in the UK anyway!) We chose to rent bikes to see the city which I would highly recommend to anyone visiting a European city where cycling is prevalent. It allows you to see the whole city in a way that feels like your in a scenic film.

Obviously when on holiday you’re going to indulge, and Copenhagen was no exception to that rule (but absolutely no regrets when the food was as good as it was). Being vegan I’m always intrigued to see how well an area caters to veganism as it is sometimes hard to find exciting plant based food. However, not only did the city cater really well for vegans but the presence of dedicated plant-based restaurants was overwhelming! A few foodie highlights were the ‘blue’ corn tacos from a street food vendor near the harbour and a plant-based ice cream made from a banana base (as seen in the pics below).

Our annual city breaks first started off as a trip to Munich to see the final stop of the boulder world cup, so to keep in line with tradition some form of climbing had to be incorporated. I went down to Boulders, a local bouldering gym to check out the local climbing scene. It was a pretty enjoyable gym with some inventive problem setting. I got chatting to a local climber, Thomas, who told me about how much the sport had grown in Denmark over the past 10 years with more and more indoor gyms popping up over the country. As Denmark's landscape is very flat it is hard to find good outdoor spots and the hardcore climbers mostly resort to taking a trip down south to Sweden, where the rock is much more prevalent. It's always cool to see the universal language of climbing present in different locations around the world - the atmosphere felt in the gyms is always very similar wherever you go.

All the while during our trip we had set ourselves a goal of finding hyyge. Hyyge is a Norwegian and Danish word for "a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment”. I don’t know if I can say that we truly found hyyge but we did accidentally stumble across an Ozzy Osbourne tribute band which turned out to be way more fun than the former. Mock “Ozzy” had the full look going which even culminated in him biting the head off a fake bat, A for effort! And of course, representing England we had to show the Danish how it’s done and ended up forming a sweaty mosh pit at the front of the small bar we were in. Dignity was lost but it was worth it.

Representing Face Clothing UK, I couldn’t go to another city and not check out the local streetwear offerings. If you’re into trainers then Rezet Sneaker Store is the one for you https://rezetstore.dk/en. This is a Danish home grown store with a few stores across Denmark. They stock all the latest shoes including some selected Yeezys for instore purchase only. Norse Projects https://www.norseprojects.com is another one to look out for - another home grown Danish company founded in 2004. They stock a lot of their own stuff which is really interesting along with a lot of other more established brands. Looking more up market, Wood Wood is the biggest streetwear store by square feet in Copenhagen https://www.woodwood.com/storesmobil. They hold a wide selection of threads including Comme des Garcons, Neighborhood and their own Wood Wood pieces, a place defintely worth checking out if you ever visit. Finally, another must is streetmachine https://www.streetmachine.com/ . They stock pretty much everything you could ever want, from Brain Dead to Thrasher. They’ve always got crazy sales going too so definitely worth a look if you’re in the city.



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