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Face Clothing UK Summer 2019 Collection...

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

The time has finally come! As you all know our Summer collection is finally out! I know we've kept you waiting a little this year but we wanted to step up our game and produce something like we haven't before. Our last Autumn Winter collection gave us a chance to reflect on our company launch this time last year and focus on a minimalist design philosophy which produced some really clean designs that got a great response from you. However, this season we wanted to take off the blinkers that come with designing an entire collection around a keyword or theme and just see what we could do creatively. We thought the concepts and pallet we decided on for last year's summer collection had more potential and we were motivated to see what we could come up with not only in terms of designing but presentation of the brand as a whole.

Moving forward into this season we have diversified our suppliers to try and deliver a better quality product for you. We now have access to more production methods that have allowed us to further enhance what we can produce. This is evident in our products this season, we're proud of them and hopefully you'll be proud to wear them.

As the brand has grown we have been given the chance to work with like minded creatives in the Stoke area. Someone we've had the pleasure of working with is Ben @ifsobczwhy. He's a photographer based in Spode that has produced the incredible studio shots for this collection. We were speaking before we even started planning this collection that we needed to up our game with our marketing material and Ben has been absolutely amazing with helping to realise that. Seriously, if you own a business and need marketing material contact Ben @ifsobczwhy. A huge thank you to him.

As always we have to thank our friend @bezer95 for his continuing support and endless favours he gives us. He's been supporting us with his photography work from the beginning and the quality of his stuff is just ridiculous. His vision has produced some of the craziest and fresh marketing material we've ever had. If you're following our Instagram @ukfaceclothing then you've seen his latest promotional video work. It feels like he's such a huge part of the company and hope he sticks around once he's famous. Big love man!

Obviously, we've only just finished off this collection but we've got some exciting things planned for more product instalments/collections coming in the year! Stay Tuned!

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