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Face & Friends take Newquay

This year us at Face Clothing UK and a few of our friends decided we should all pack our bags and head off on holiday together. We initially planned to go somewhere abroad, like Greece or Spain, but due to the seemingly never ending heatwave we all experienced this summer we decided we’d save a bit of money and go somewhere a bit closer to home.

We all love it down in Cornwall so it was an easy decision for us all to make that we should pack up and drive the 6 hour-long slog down to Newquay for a week of chilling, surfing and partying! However, it was inevitable (and just pure English bad luck) that the week we decided to go down the seemingly never-ending UK heatwave was put on hold and we were greeted with cloudy skies. Luckily, it was still warm so we could get away skulking around in our shorts and t-shirts. The sun did rear its head a few times and when it did you bet we were out the door like a shot - making the most of it whilst it lasted!

We booked our apartment with a holiday company called Aspects, who rent out amazing self catering cottages/holiday homes all over Cornwall. We chose an apartment which was over a small gift shop and within 2 minutes walking distance to the beach - and when we arrived we were all ecstatic at how amazing the apartment was!

Our favourite beaches were probably Towan beach, which was located just off the town centre and of course the famous Fistral beach, where we all tried our hand at surfing and body-boarding (in wet-suits of course!) Another thing we loved about the beaches in Newquay was that they were all dog friendly, and if you know anything about us at Face and our close friends you will know that we absolutely LOVE dogs. We even discussed making an Instagram page just dedicated to the many dogs of Newquay and some of us even kept a daily rota of how many dog pats we could get!

Towan Beach

One of the many cute dogs we encountered

Another important part of our holiday (and of anyone’s holiday I think) was the ton of good food we ate - and when I say ‘good’ I don’t necessarily mean healthy! Some of our favourite places to eat were the Barefoot Beach Bar and Kitchen, which was just up off Towan beach and had an outside seating area with stunning sea views and great food -

We also ate at Belushi's which was just down from our apartment and served great burgers and breakfasts for really reasonable prices!

On one of our many treks down to Fistral Beach, we came across The Beached Lamb Cafe which was very quirky and appeared to have loads of vegan options on their menu. We headed in for a snack and bought some ice creams and smoothies - of which came with its own bamboo straw that the lady told us she had just been out back to cut off of her bamboo plant! How fresh can you get!

This smoothie did not include bamboo straw* very sad

Another place we ate at was Rick Steins restaurant which was located right on Fistral Beach. It was basically a high end fish and chip shop but boy was it good, I don’t think we’ve ever stuffed our faces with fish and chips and felt that posh!

Other than that we managed to eat copious amounts of obligatory Cornish pasties, had the odd Dominoes takeout and also cooked at our apartment, which we wanted to take full advantage of as it was so amazing!

Another reason we wanted to go away with friends this year was so that every night would be a party night, and after hearing that ‘Newquay was the new Magaluf’ we had high expectations of the party scene there. However, after going out on the Saturday night as soon as we got down there, it seemed that ‘the new Magaluf’ was more like a Monday night up Hanley - absolutely dead! Luckily we’d had a few beverages back at the apartment before we’d headed out so we managed to make a good night of it but if any of you are going to Newquay for a mad night out, I’d suggest you rethink your decision!

Some bars and clubs we went into during our week down there included the Barefoot Bar again, which was just as good for drinks at night as in the day! We also ventured into the massive beach-front Walkabout that’s in Newquay, expecting it to be crazy busy, however when we got in there some poor guy was lying on the floor bleeding out with 2 ambulances and 5 police cars at the scene and the only other time we went in they had a wild bingo night on with about 5 people in attendance.

It seems we may have just missed the memo when it comes to partying in Newquay or maybe we hit the town at the wrong time, but luckily we had the apartment which served us well as a DIY club - complete with a party balcony, a well stocked fridge and within 20 metres of a comfy bed!

Overall, we had a great week down in Newquay and we definitely won’t forget it! Hope you all enjoyed reading about our adventures and thank you for all of your continuing support! I'll leave you with a few more pictures from our week away, thank you so much for reading!

Jess x

Vans club

Very creepy spot we found during low tide!

Jess x


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