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Our All-Time Favourite Christmas Films

As I've gotten older (and I don't know if any of you guys feel the same) every year I've found it harder and harder to get into the Christmas spirit. I don't know if that's because I don't believe in Santa anymore, or if I'm not expecting my pre-picked christmas presents from the back of the Argos book to be waiting for me on Christmas morning. One thing that still does get me in the Christmas mood though is re-watching my favourite Christmas films, so me, Cal and Joe have decided to share with you our favourite Christmas films of all time in an attempt to get all of the budding Ebeneezer Scrooge's out there well and truly in the festive frame of mind.

Jess' favourite Christmas film - The Muppet Christmas Carol!

Granted, watching some of the Muppet films in this day and age can give you a slight case of the creeps, but when I was a kid watching things like that just didn't seem to faze me. Looking back at some of the stuff I used to watch religiously like 'Rosie and Jim',

(...yeah I cant remember them looking like that either - but they did SCARY!)

usually makes me wonder what the hell some of these kids TV producers were thinking when they made these shows. However, all creepiness aside, The Muppet Christmas Carol is definitely an annual religious watch in my house and now I'm getting old(ish) whenever I hear the opening song I well up a bit with a severe case of nostalgia and a longing to be 7 years old again. It is a family film so I would highly recommend to anyone, but in this day and age kids aren't like they used to be as they haven't been trained in the art of watching creepy late 90's/early 2000's kids shows, so don't blame me if they get freaked out when the mouldy cheese/Marley Bro's scene comes on.

Cal's favourite Christmas film - Jingle All The Way.

Yes that's right, the cringey Christmas film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger who goes through hell and back to get his kid that stupid toy. The hilarious scenes of bad Santa's and true 90's action hero toys bring back child hood memories of running around Toys R Us throughout December trying to play with every demo toy I could possibly get my hands on, obviously causing havoc for the extremely patient student staff. Good old Jingle All The Way is a classic in my books!

Joe's favourite Christmas film - The Grinch.

Mostly because I love Jim Carrey and his style of slapstick comedy. I’m not a massive Christmas film fan but this one stands out for me and it’s something I watch every year as a kick off for Christmas. I haven’t seen the new animated one, but it can’t knock Jim Carrey’s off the top spot - his adaptation of the character is just too good!

(Jess - I'm not surprised by this because it is again another sign of our childhood exposure to really creepy shit that would not be allowed to be released for the kids of today - have you seen how cute the remake Grinch is?!).

Have a very merry and festive Christmas from us all!

Jess, Joe and Cal.


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