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Our Favourite Local Eat-Outs and Hangouts in Stoke

As most of you already know we’re a Stoke based company and we’re proud of it! We try to take inspiration from where we’ve come from in our products and we can see a resurgence coming on for our city. We’d like to give a shout out to of some of our favourite places to eat, drink and hang out so you can give them a visit.

Klay Pizzeria (@klaypizzeria)

We’ve been massive fans of this place since it opened 3 years ago now (damn, has it been that long?). These guys do the best pizza in Stoke hands down. They’ve got a proper wood fire clay oven (get it?) and all the ingredients to make any pizza you fancy. Create your own or try one of their classics. They’ve also got a knack for creating some interesting pizzas you’ve probably not tried before. One of the more creative ones they’ve done is a pizza based on a Big Mac and yes... it is as good as it sounds. If you don’t fancy eating why not pop in for a drink. They’ve got some really nice beers and a killer rum selection. Great food, great atmosphere and great staff. Eating or drinking you should check these guys out for sure.

Bottlecraft (@bottlecraftstoke)

Do you like beer? Good, so do we. So doubtless you’ll love Bottlecraft. I could tell you how many different beers there is to try but I honestly don’t know and couldn’t guess. Let me put it this way you could try them all but you’d die before you’d finished the top shelf. All joking aside this place is great hangout spot. Don’t be fooled by the cosy downstairs bar area there’s loads of space upstairs to fit a group of you. An ideal spot to take a pack of cards and have a merry old time! Can’t recommend it enough.

Slamwich Club (@theslamwichclub)

Newcomers to Piccadilly, these guys are doing everything right. As you can probably tell this place does sandwiches… That might sound stale, it’s anything but! These are some top-notch sandwiches, my favourite being the Happea Chick! They’ve always got new offerings coming in so pop in and see what’s new. Not only this but they are really embracing the ‘club’ in their name. They are quickly becoming established as one of the best nightlife venues in Stoke. There is regular live music there, with themed nights and local talent performances. Check their Instagram to find out what’s on and when!

Mart’s Brewhouse & Tap (@martscraftbeer)

This place is a new one for us. We’ve been over the road on a few occasions and said to each other we really should go in and try that place out as it’s always packed on the weekends. We recently committed to giving it a shot and seeing what the fuss is about and thank god we did. This place is an instant local. They’ve got a great selection of drinks, craft beer seeming to be the focal point (which is fine with me). They even brew in house which is always cool with the brewing equipment on show from the downstairs seating area. They had some really great live music on offer when we were there (@GarethRJonesMusic) who got the punters singing along so props to him he was great. They don’t serve food but they’ll let you bring in food from the local restaurants which is cool of them. Next time you’re up check them out!


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