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Self Isolation Time...

Since we are postponing our upcoming collection we still want to provide you guys with content, reading material and engagement to help you survive through these strange times. 

What a strange time we find ourselves living within. The Coronavirus has brought the world to its knees. However, our faith in humanity is restored with the sheer amounts of national efforts going towards defeating this terrible virus. Like most of you, we are also participating in self isolation, and yes we agree it is trickier than it sounds. 

From what we have found out first hand is that routine within your days is key and essential to preventing you from going insane! Getting dressed, working, exercise, reading and whatever else you would normally do on an average day. Throughout the past week or two we have seen some incredible efforts from individuals to stay fresh and keep there outfits on point! The hype game is still strong within the house, check out some of the shots we have found below. The indoor slider/shoe game is being transformed, comfort over flex within the house all day long! We are sure there will be more street wear items coming over the next couple of months more tailored to the indoor environment.

I’m sure just like us you are trying to come up with different ways of entertaining yourselves. The obvious of binge watching series on Netflix, Prime, YouTube or Now TV comes to mind, we are also trying to read more and exercise outside when appropriate in different ways. If you have any particular recommendations of books, films, food recipes or streetwear blogs/vlogs let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay in touch with friends and family throughout this time, you can still have food and drinks with your friends - it’s just got to be via FaceTime or some other kind of video chat service. Stay safe, cool, calm and collected everyone, lets ride this madness out together.

Peace, Cal & Jess.


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