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St Ives - Cornwall

Cornwall, Cornwall, Cornwall... the heartland of surfing, beers, pasties and amazing beach sunsets. Myself and Jess recently took a trip down to St Ives, a super quaint and cosy town in the very south of Cornwall. Our week-long trip started with us exploring the area and going to familiar spots like Porthminster and Porthmeor beach and grabbing coffee/lunch in the Balcony Bar (one of our favourite spots for drinks and taking in the amazing views over the harbour).

The weather can always be a little hit and miss this time of year like most places in the UK - it’s either beautiful sunshine or miserable rainy days, but luckily we landed on some amazing sunshine weather whilst we were down south. 

We visited some sick shops down in St Ives, the most notorious being Number 8 and Academy Clothes which are some awesome street wear stores that stock the likes of Stussy, Birkenstock, Carhartt, Quiet Life, Levi and many more. If you're a street wear head who loves minimal, aesthetic stores you need to check these places out! 

We also trailed around quite a few places for food, with one of the particular dishes that have stayed with us being the Chilli and Burritos from The Mex. The Tacos/Burgers from Beer and Bird were also a hard one to forget in a hurry (also not to mention their 10 page beer menu) and we can't forget the famous chicken pasties from Warrens Bakery, they definitely had the pasty game on lock down!! 

We managed to get a little surfing, supping and swimming in too, mainly on Porthminster beach and Porthmeor Beach. We also got some shots of us kicking back in the new Summer 2019 Collection, check out our shots below which feature some of the products that are still available to shop online!

St Ives is a massive shout if anyone is looking for somewhere to go down south around the Cornish ends! Let us know if you’ve been before in the comments and how you visit was!

Signing off and shutting up!



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