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The Rise of the Re-seller

As streetwear fashion is recently becoming more and more popular, so too is the hype culture that surrounds it. The demand for some brands has become so crazy over the past decade, it often reaches the point where a certain brand’s clothing will sell out within seconds of being dropped on their online stores. This 'hype' surrounding these items is no random occurrence, it is created by carefully monitoring stock levels to make an item extremely exclusive and hard to own. Brands such as Supreme and Kanye’s Yeezy Supply play upon this hype culture to bump up the price of their products and ensure their stock will sell out. This has paved the way for some people to create an actual career out of reselling these items, as the limited items can be resold with a large mark up on top of the original retail price.

This means that by finding out the most hyped items from a certain collection and buying them to resell could potentially make a re-seller hundreds of pounds a week! Of course, it’s never guaranteed that a re-seller will be able to grab the best items from a particular drop, therein is the risk of not making any money. Re-sellers need a way to increase their chances of grabbing these items each week and one way that has grown more popular in recent years are bots.

Bots are pieces of software that can automatically search a website for an item, add it to your cart and checkout in seconds. These bots can be bought by anyone through the Google Store as a chrome extension. The money behind the bot market alone has created a whole new market off of the back of this 'hype culture'. Of course, heavily botted websites such as Supreme now ban users caught using a bot, so it becomes a race between unique bot 'writers' who can create the most sophisticated bot to outsmart the website’s algorithms and all of us normal folk using auto-fill on the checkout page.

As well as the increase in the use of bots, the increasing popularity of reselling streetwear has also created a larger market for mobile apps. Probably the most popular of these apps and a hybrid of eBay and Instagram, Depop gives re-sellers an easy platform to resell items and create their own virtual shop. You can gain followers to increase your customer base and also read and write reviews to build up your reputation as a Depop buyer/seller. A good Depop shop can generate hundreds of sales a month with the right stock, price and description making it even easier to do reselling as a lucrative side job, or even full time.

If any of you have any thoughts on the world of reselling or have any tips on how to get into it, share them with us below - its something we as a team are all really interested in!



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