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Top Streetwear designers to watch

We as a team appreciate and value any fashion designers who accomplish new innovative pieces which really encapsulate artistic visions. Managing Director Callum has picked out some of his top streetwear designers for you all to watch in 2019.


Rhuigi Villasenor is the creative designer behind the LA based Rhude brand. They truly embody sleek streetwear concepts and designs. Their infamous ‘traxedo’ pants are such an awesome product as you can dress them up and down so easily. The brand has quickly expanded and artists such as Kendrick Lamar and ASAP Rocky have been seen wearing some of the designer's key pieces.

Rhude are always teasing upcoming designs for footwear as well as their apparel designs and artistic concepts via their social media platforms. The concepts are looking awesome and reflect the LA streetwear vibe throughout.

Sean Wotherspoon

Mr Wotherspoon would have appeared on many people's radars when he dropped his infamous Nike Air Max 1/97 trainer in the blue, yellow , teal and pink colour way. Undoubtedly one of the hottest trainers of 2018! This super popular trainer provided major exposure for Sean Wotherspoon and has given him a huge platform to launch new amazing streetwear products and trainers from.

His great enthusiasm on his social media accounts gets you hooked into the whole streetwear scene and re-seller market. Sean's use of colours and fabrics is extremely innovative with the signature corduroy fabric on his trainers. Make sure to check out his fun style and I’m sure there will be many more great collaborations from Sean Wotherspoon in the near future!

Virgil Abloh

If you don't know who Virgil Abloh is get looking at any streetwear fashion Instagram page! His creative vision is non stop in all of his work throughout Louis Vuitton, Off White and all the other collaborations he has going on. He truly is a pioneer of the streetwear world and a leader at the forefront of design innovation. His architectural background provides him with a unique perspective on fashion and this comes across to audiences when he showcases new constructed products.

The constant reconstructing element along with his trademark “quotations” on a variety of products gives his work a distinctive image and branding that has been flocked to by streetwear fashion heads all over the world!

George and Mike Heaton

George and Mike are the brains behind the luxury streetwear brand Represent! We’ve followed this brand for quite a few years now and they have continually progressed and are still going from strength to strength. Their artistic vision in their collections is second to none!

The brand captures British sub cultures throughout their collection pieces endorsing British heritage at its finest. The brands SS19 collection is looking fresh from the pictures and videos leaked on their social media, we can’t wait to see more crazy innovative designs and new awesomely curated products from this high end streetwear brand.

Thank you for reading this post. We will be uploading more fashion and lifestyle blog posts in the near future. Stay tuned!



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